Web site development

We make good websites:

  • with individual design,
  • responsive for phones and tablets,
  • compliant with Google SEO Requirements,
  • with the best content management system - safe, fast, and very easy to use (few minutes to master),
  • with Lifetime Warranty,
  • well thought out, high quality to every detail.

How much does a website cost?

It is necessary to estimate the amount of preliminary work,- how "versatile", complex site is planned, because the functional possibilities are very different.
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Additional Costs: Hosting can be on your existing or our data center where it is one of the top quality services in Latvia (DEAC).
Price range usually 3 — 5 €/month.

Let's mention examples of indicative development price ranges:


We make websites, do it right way, high quality, quickly and at a good price. We are reliable, with a good attitude and 21 years of experience.
We have selected and developed the best solutions to achieve the best end result primarily for the website visitors and the customer.

Our offer includes everything that's needed.
The websites we create are:


  • mezini.lv

    mezini.lv Rural crafts and animal farm,- large and complex website development

  • bcs.lv

    bcs.lv Cleaning services,- large and complex website development

  • inmotion-physio.ch

    inmotion-physio.ch Physiotherapy practice,- moderate complexity website development

  • ajeras.lv

    ajeras.lv Metal wholesale,- a simple website development

  • honda-moto.lv

    honda-moto.lv Honda motorcycle dealer,- large and complex website development

  • woodpainters.lv

    woodpainters.lv industrial milling and dyeing,- developing a large-scale site

  • anitra.lv

    anitra.lv Anitra floor coverings,- large and complex website development

  • dvg.lv

    dvg.lv Dobele State Gymnasium,- large and complex website development

  • aippi.lv

    aippi.lv unity AIPPI LNG,- a simple website development

  • mesako.lv

    mesako.lv construction and technical system installation,- a complex website development

  • mesako.lv


  • auctus.lv

    auctus.lv corporate finance,- moderate complexity website development

  • rasa-1.lv

    rasa.lv furniture dealer,- a complex website development

  • rasa-2.lv


  • m2rent.com

    m2rent.com apartment rental,- moderate complexity website development

  • iecavnieks.lv

    iecavnieks.lv oil product producer,- moderate complexity website development

  • iecavnieks.lv


  • bmiproject.lv

    bmiproject.lv investment company project page,- moderate complexity website development

  • bmiproject.lv


  • cbse2017.lu.lv

    cbse2017.lu.lv Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe University of Latvia,- moderate complexity website development

  • cbse2017.lu.lv


  • cbse2017.lu.lv


  • crystalpool.lv

    crystalpool.lv CRYSTAL POOL crew management,- a simple website development

  • glycomune.lv

    glycomune.lv Glycomune vitamins and nutritional supplements,- a complex website development

  • industries.lv

    industries.lv Industrial works, welding, BSLPro,- moderate complexity website development

  • industries.lv


  • hansa.pargaujasnovads.lv

    hansa.pargaujasnovads.lv Town Straupe,- moderate complexity website development

  • hansa.pargaujasnovads.lv


  • latgalespiens.lv

    latgalespiens.lv A/s "Latgales piens",- moderate complexity website development

  • latgalespiens.lv


  • inkasso.lv

    inkasso.lv Inkasso Ltd.,- a simple website development

  • tma.lv

    tma.lv "Tavu Māju Apsaimniekotājs",- a simple website development

  • savi.lv

    Latvian products market place Savi.lv,- large and complex website development

  • savi.lv


  • carrent.lv

    carrent.lv Car Rental "CarRent",- a complex website development

  • carrent.lv


  • airportcabbers.com

    airportcabbers.com Airport transfers "Airport Cabbers",- moderate complexity website development

  • marinamalina.eu

    marinamalina.eu Automatic data loading and processing from a meteo server

  • ebaltics.lv

    ebaltics.lv/onlineweek2016lv Dynamic county map without images - only .svg and text format

  • cczermatt.ch

    cczermatt.ch Curling Club "Zermatt",- moderate complexity website development

  • letonikavpp.lv

    letonikavpp.lv National Research programme Letonika",- moderate complexity website development

  • solem.lv

    solem.lv The ensemble Solem,- moderate complexity website development

  • politiskirepresetie.lv

    politiskirepresetie.lv "Kurzemes rajona Politiski represēto klubs",- large and complex website development

  • politiskirepresetie.lv


  • sundusum.se

    sundusum.se Sundusum Bygg,- a complex website development

  • sundusum.se


  • sundusum.se


  • raibsgaracim.lv

    raibsgaracim.lv "Raibs Gar Acīm",- large and complex website development

  • raibsgaracim.lv


  • fsi.lu.lv

    fsi.lu.lv LU Philosophy and Sociology Institute,- moderate complexity website development